The Modern Way to Run Your Buildings

The Modern Way to Run Your Buildings

  • Secure Remote Access for Your Buildings

    Stay on top of all your facilities anywhere and anytime; on demand services dispatched based on real diagnostics.

  • Run Your Buildings on Auto-pilot

    Get comfort, air flow, lighting and more managed to your schedule and policies; built-in oversight to keep on track; get things done in one-click.

  • Completely Open System, All Assets Welcome

    Enertide works with the building assets you have – regardless of vendor or vintage (HVAC, lighting, energy and more).

Single App for all Your Buildings

Enertide is a cloud-based solution for multi-site operators that integrates any system into one powerful platform. Includes flexible tools to make central or regional management a breeze.

Monitor & Control Equipment

Enertide simplifies day-to-day operations and puts your business rules on autopilot. Put powerful tools in the hands of facilities teams and trusted partners.

Proactive Diagnostics

Armed with rich analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs), operators can proactively support and prioritise.

Improve Serviceability

Support and troubleshoot issues without being onsite. Ensure the right people get notified at the right time via text or email. Built-in tools to help field service teams support your equipment.

Built-in Security

No complicated VPNs. End-to-end security that meets the requirements of the most stringent IT groups. Multi-layer defences keep your assets protected.

One-click Service Requests

Get service help with one click. Address issues faster by requesting service directly in Enertide. Linked to your trusted service providers.

Enertide API

Enertides inherent Rest API protocols allow for a wide range of web based integrations to generate a truly custom visualisations, dashboards and data exchanges.

Enertides REST API enables outgoing data flow from any connected sites, data, devices and disparate systems.

KPIs & Reporting

Build and automate reports that offer targeted data with meaningful data and information directly to your inbox at predetermined dates and times.

Key performance indicators (KPI’s), and diagnostics that pull insights from your buildings day one. Investigative tools let you dig deeper, with charting and trending on the fly and advanced equipment detail for troubleshooting.