Throughout the 20th century, switched reluctance motors had been unable to commercialize into a mainstream motor technology due to its performance limitations. This limited its application to high-reliability industrial use cases such as nuclear energy.

However, this all changed in 2003, when Piyush Desai (one of Turntide’s co-founders) investigated switched reluctance motor technology for his Ph.D. thesis. He developed the world’s first high-rotor pole switched reluctance motor (HR-SRM), which increases the number of rotor poles within the motor design to achieve higher torque and efficiency. Since Turntide’s founding in 2013, Turntide has made further improvements to the performance of HR-SRM, reducing torque ripple, noise, and vibrations, while increasing motor torque and efficiency. Turntide has also further improved the efficiency of switched reluctance motors through patented control algorithms running on the Turntide motor controller, switching current on and off rapidly up to 20,000 times per second.

These mechanical and algorithmic advantages, developed over years of intensive research from Turntide’s R&D team, make Turntide motors optimally efficient, providing a winning combination of efficiency, reliability, and connectivity.