Reduce energy waste

Save on maintenance

Extend equipment life

Maintain a comfortable environment

Meet your sustainabiliy goals

Protect customer and employee health

Turntide Technology for
Sustainable Operations

Our patented technologies bring together optimally efficient equipment, insights, controls and automation to enable electrification and sustainable operations for OEM solutions and direct customers.

Enertide provides a solution for sustainable operations that
combines the Turntide Smart Motor System™ with building controlsand intelligence that work with your existing BMS platform and other systems.

Unlike other solutions, Enertide identifies waste and inefficiency at every level by bringing together optimal efficiency equipment, building controls, intelligence, and enterprise-level management. Our comprehensive drop-in solution works with most leading building automation platforms, making it easy to get started and allowing you to drive more value from your existing technology investments.

Centrally monitor and manage a large portfolio of buildings and assets all in one place.

With digital facility management, triage, and smart notifications, you can lower your operational costs while optimizing for energy efficiency and customer and employee comfort. With smart connected equipment and improved error detection and diagnostics, you can decrease downtime, reduce maintenance costs with fewer truck rolls, and extend the life of your equipment. The result is continuous savings in energy and maintenance costs that can be put on autopilot with schedules and set point rules.